Resources for Doctors

Australia and New Zealand.

Undergraduate Degree Programmes for Doctors

International students from all over the world study in undergraduate medical professional degree programmes in Australia and New Zealand. Universities and colleges are geared towards producing world class doctors who can start their career in Australasia or anywhere in the world. Live and learn in metropolitan or regional universities where excellent teaching, facilities and services are provided to support students from go to whoa. Browse and search for undergraduate programmes and access resource materials to help you start your training.

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Postgraduate Training for Doctors

Australia and New Zealand provide some of the best post graduate training opportunities in the world. The medical professional colleges deliver education and training of the highest standard with excellent support and supervision. Train to be a specialised doctor. Depending on your basic training and eligibility, you can embark on courses that keep you at the top of your game – whether intending to work in Australia and New Zealand or internationally, where ANZ postgraduate qualifications and experience are highly regarded. View all the postgraduate options available and drill down to the providers that can help you reach your goals.

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Employment Checks and Registration for Doctors

Identify the steps you need to take to prepare for your career in Australia and New Zealand – from work visas options and registration and licensing, to the numerous pre-employment checks required to enter the health and medical workforce. Browse and search for resources and drill down to find the information you need to get started and to help you on your way.

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Career and Jobs for Doctors

Australia and New Zealand have some of the best health and medical jobs in the world. With advanced health care systems and excellent pay and conditions, qualified career oriented doctors are always in high demand. Browse and search for work and career opportunities in Australia and New Zealand. Identify job options, both permanent and temp or locum across all medical fields. Drill down to job boards from which you can apply directly for work.

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